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Who we are

Contango Metals Corp. is an integrated concentrates and base metals (CBM) trading company based in South Korea.

The company was incorporated in Seoul, South Korea in 2015.

Founder and CEO Mr. Y.T. Park has 28 years of experience in the dynamic metals trading industry,
including 20 years with LG International as head of the metals business division.
The company has strong Business Network with the Korean state-run resource companies, and Korean/Japanese Trading Houses for commercial trading and direct overseas mining equity investment.

3 Major Business Fields

Worldwide Independent Principal Metals Trading Business

We offer comprehensive Bonded Warehouse Trading (BWT) service with all LME Metals.
Excellent payment facilities provide Speedy cargo release

LME Base Metals & Concentrates Agency Business

We have Agency Agreements with Cliveden

Consulting and
Advisory Service

Solution Finding
– Mining Equity Investment
– Metals Inventory Financing
– Off-Take Financing

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