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Worldwide Independent Principal Metals Trading Business

We offer comprehensive Bonded Warehouse Trading (BWT) service with all LME Metals.
Excellent payment facilities provide Speedy cargo release


We are an active Aluminum P1020 trading company.

Daily ‘Physical Market Making’ for aluminum ingots.


We provide LME registered and non-registered copper cathode export and import.

LME Registered Grade A quality from LS Nikko & Various Off Grade quality Import


We provide comprehensive trading services to Korean and S.E. Asian customers.

Comprehensive Incorterms and Currency and Exchange related trading


Our business includes a competitive and reasonable pricing system.

Dynamic real time LME, SHFE related ‘Mark to Market’ Pricing and USD vs. KRW exchange rate hedge

Consulting and Advisory Business

Solution Finding

Mining Equity Investment

Contango Metals can help you
invest in mines

Metals Inventory Financing

Contango Metals can supply
the metal you need

Off-Take Financing

Contango Metals can safely manage
the accounting

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